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Summer Land Short Shorts Sports Day

When we called this Summer Land we weren’t kidding around. In addition to enjoying the stellar musical lineup and weekend long dance party we have in store, attendees will also have the opportunity to detach from reality and reconnect with their inner child through a variety of games, activities and over the top shenanigans. Just like the summer camp you remember from your childhood, only better. This is the real deal.

Whether you’re all about team spirit or prefer spectating from the sidelines, each attendee has the power to choose their own Summer Land adventure!

There will be a yoga session on Saturday morning so don't forget your yoga mat. We'll also be running a special hula hoop class, which is not to be missed.

We are also bringing our Short Shorts Sports Day to Summer Land with crazy games and a sea of taut buttocks wearing the shortest shorts in New South Wales. Choose from a variety of sports and garden games like Cricket, volleyball, archery, giant twister, giant jenga, tug-o-war or partake in a number of activities including abseiling, challenge ropes, flying fox, climbing wall all led by your favorite Summer Land Interactive Program Staff!

We'll be running two sessions, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon. On Saturday morning head straight to breakfast in the dining hall where you will get all of the information on how to participate in the activities and what you can do to get in the games! The competition is on like donkey kong! Scores will be appointed for just about everything from games winners to picking up and recycling MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) to wearing the shortest short shorts. Each team/person will be competing for bragging rights and earn their CHAMPION Badge... Who will be the SUMMER LAND SHORTS SHORTS SPORTS DAY CHAMPIONS of 2016? Maybe it could be you!

Check out the full list of games and activities HERE!


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