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The Ski Social Club: How To Be A Skier

Joining us in Thredbo this winter? First time skiing? Make sure you follow these hilarious steps on "How to be a skier"

Also if you are looking to get fit and ready for the upcoming ski season, one of our partners, has a fantastic offer for you. They are running Skate To Ski lessons in May and June on weekends and in the evenings after work.

Lessons are run by James O'Connor, an experienced skating instructor and former CASI (Canada) certified Snowboarding Instructor with ski racing experience. The focus is on giving you the basic skills that will be needed to stop safely (plow stops, parallel turns, speed control, leg strength and conditioning exercises on inline skates or rollerskates and this very closely transfers over to the snow for skiers. Participants can bring their own equipment or we can supply at no additional cost during the lessons.

You will receive 10% off the private lesson pricing given on the site. Bookings are subject to availability via SMS as per the website. Rollerblading can be a great way to prepare unfit skiers and snowboarders for the ski season. It exercises a lot of the same muscles and could help to prevent injury due to not being ready for the vigour of days back on the snow.

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