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01 What is The Yacht Social Club?

The Yacht Social Club is an exclusive series of events where we charter a group of yachts to a undisclosed location and raft them up for an afternoon of fun in the sun.

02 What date does it take place?

Every Saturday from 4th November 2023 up to and including 27th April 2024.

03 Where does it take place?

The raft-up location will take place in Sydney Harbour. Exact location will depend on weather conditions. The decision will be made on the day of the event. 


04 Where do the yachts pick-up and drop off?

Pick-up & drop-off see map below. Rose Bay Public Wharf except for the 30PAX standard, which picks up and drops off at Lavender Bay

























05 What time do the yachts set sail and drop off?

Registration and boarding begins at 10:15am. Drop off will be at approximately 4:00pm. 

06 How much does it cost?

If you want to book a yacht or DJ Boat Tickets, please click here for full pricing, availability and to make a booking. 


07 What is included in the price?

If you've booked a yacht: yacht hire, skipper, deckhand, BBQ, BBQ utensils, esky and of course the raft-up party with DJs, lifeguards etc. If you've booked a DJ boat ticket: then entry to the DJ boat at the raft-up party with DJs, skipper, deckhands, sound system etc. onboard.


08 Is there a DJ?

There will be DJs onboard one of the yachts pumping out tunes all afternoon once we raft up. 

09 Is there a BBQ on board?

The catamarans (yachts) and DJ boat have a BBQ on board. BBQ utensils are provided.

10 Do I have to pay a bond?

The security bond is $1500 per vessel (not applicable if you have purchased a DJ Boat single ticket). If you have booked a whole yacht, the security bond will be payable by no later than the Wednesday prior to the event date you have booked. It must be paid via bank transfer. We will email you the bank details two weeks before your event date. It is to cover any possible damages to your yacht. Please note that your yacht is your responsibility. Everyone will be issued with a coloured wristband that corresponds to your yacht. If you allow anyone else on to your yacht with a different coloured wristband then they are your responsibility i.e. if they cause any damage to your yacht then this will be deducted from your security bond. For further details please refer to The Yacht Social Club terms & conditions here.

11 What if the weather is poor?

Unfortunately we don't sell sunshine! The event will only be cancelled in the case of dangerous weather conditions such as gale force winds, which make it unsafe to sail. This will be down to the operators discretion and not the attendees. If for example it rains, the event will still go ahead. 

12 HELP I've lost my ticket or I need to change the name on my ticket!

Please email to re-issue or log into Ticketbooth. 

For name changes please follow this link

13 What should I bring?

  •           Substantial food (enough for a meal) e,g burger & salad. This is essential rule for BYO alcohol to be allowed

  •           Inflatables + pump

  •           Swimmers

  •           Towel

  •           Sunscreen

  •           Drinks

  •           Plates, plastic cups & cutlery

  •           Ice. There will be an esky onboard but it's worth bringing an additional one as it won't fit everyones drinks in it.

14 What should I NOT bring?

  •           Any illegal substances

  •           Valuables – they could get dropped / lost / wet

  •           Pets

  •           Your friend that doesn’t have a ticket. The yachts are at maximum capacity and there are no ticket sales on the day

  •           Black soled shoes

  •           Try to avoid glass because if it breaks it can be extremely dangerous for people walking around barefoot.


15 What should I NOT do?

  •           Turn up late for boarding. Once we set sail the only way of getting on board is by water taxi which is expensive!

  •           Get too drunk – this could result in you being ejected from the event or your yacht having to return to shore

  •           Litter. Let's keep the harbour nice and clean

  •           Annoy your skipper - he's the boss

  •           Misbehave and cause any damage to the yacht otherwise you risk losing your security bond

16 What is the difference between a standard and premium catamaran?

The premium catamarans are much more luxurious inside with their own lounge area, nice seating etc. The standard catamarans are more of a bare boat set-up. 

If you have any further questions, please feel to contact us on

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