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01 When is it again?

November 8th 2014


02 Why does my ticket say it’s on The Secret Weekender Launch Party and/or November 22nd?

We've changed the name of the event to Have You Heard Presents... THE RANCH Launch Party but your ticket is still valid. It was originally on that date, but it has been moved to November 8th so that we could be moor up alongside Harbourlife. Your ticket is now valid on November 8th, despite the date on the ticket


03 Where do the yachts leave from?

23a King George Street, Lavender Bay, Sydney, NSW 2060



























04 What time do the yachts set sail?

Boarding will start at 12:30pm and the yachts will leave at 1pm SHARP.


05 What if the weather is poor?

The event will only be cancelled in the case of severe weather conditions such as high winds and lighting which make it unsafe to sail. This will be down to the operators discretion and not the attendees. If for example it rains, the event will still go ahead. Obviously if the event is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions we will offer you a full refund.


06 What should I bring?

·         Inflatables

·         Swimmers (optional)

·         Towel

·         Sunscreen

·         Change of clothes (if wanting to go out straight afterwards)

·         Alcohol 

·         Food

·         Plates, cutlery, cups

·         A sense of adventure


07 What should I NOT bring?

·         Any illegal substances

·         Super duper valuables – they could get dropped / lost / wet

·         Pets

·         Your friend that doesn’t have a ticket


08 What shouldn’t I do?

·         Get too drunk – this could result in the boat having to return to Sydney harbour

·         Litter

·         Piss off the skipper – keep him on side and you could get to stay longer than your 7 hours (at an additional cost, again this is at the skipper’s discretion)

·         Be naughty and play with the sail / jump on the catamaran netting

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